Here’s why your App may be Doomed to Uninstallation!

A lot of planning, research and analysis go into the development of one mobile application.Getting through a successful app launch and reaching the milestone on a number of installs post-launch is the first sign of success for any mobile app developer or the hired mobile app development company. However, what if this dream run comes to a premature end when it’s hampered by the fact that the newly launched app didn’t last long and was deleted by the users for one or more reasons. Did you know that for every 36 apps installed, only 4 are used daily? Moreover, 23% of users delete the app after initial install. So what do you think is going wrong? How do you rectify this? Well, in order to rectify this challenge, you must first identify the main causes of uninstallation of apps.

So let’s look at the main factors that lead to app uninstalls and help you take proactive steps so that you don’t hit the app graveyard.

Here’s why your Appmay be Doomed to Uninstallation!

  • Tedious Registration? Is it even necessary?

One of the first pages that users encounter after opening an app is the registration form. Not all apps have this feature. Few don’t require them either, but most of them do have this feature integrated nonetheless. If the registration process is necessary and justified, there is very little probability that it will alienate the user from your app. But if the registration process is tedious, long and seems unnecessary, the probability of app deletion increases severely. Long registration processes impact user experience. Moreover, why would a user share the valuable personal details online for nothing?

Note that if your app is getting uninstalled by the majority of users within 1-5 minutes, then registration process might be the factor contributing to app deletion.Rework the registration process and focus on simplifying it. Assess if it’s even necessary for your business or app functionality.

  • Are users getting what they want?

Once the registration process is completed, the user will start exploring the application. This is one of the most important steps and critical to user experience. If the user fails to find what he was looking for in the application, the download app will definitely head to trash next.The same stands true if the user is unable to find what he was looking for with ease or in a limited period of time. The user may then prefer to use another application that provides better user-experience in terms of ease of access.

This issue may stem out of two reasons. Either the application description is unclear in the apple store, or play store or your app is crammed with so many functions that user cannot find the described function easily. The average time a user spends on a mobile app before making a decision on its usability is mere 3 minutes.State the main functionalities of your application in the app description as clearly as possible and make sure you provide easy access to these functions. Identify the key strengths (functions) of your apps, understand what user may want from your application in advance, and don’t cram it with too many functions if they are unnecessary.

  • Bad Performance?

One of the most annoying reasons that may not only lead to uninstallation but also lead to negative reviews from the users. If your app suffers from long load-times, frequent crashes, or unresponsive glitches, then it is likely to be deleted sooner or later. A research carried out by Helpshift posted that 62%users are most likely to uninstall an app if they experience app crashes or error.

Test your app at multiple levels prior to the mobile app deployment. Even after the mobile app deployment, take note of the feedback and suggestions received from the users on how to make your app better. Execute these changes and offer periodic checks on your app to ensure it stays bug-free and remains optimized. 

  • Too heavy for the users?

Competition is high among mobile applications. But the fight for the phone memory is no less. If your application is too heavy for the user’s smartphone i.e., it’s consuming too much memory, it will be uninstalled in a matter of time. Try to reduce the weight of the application using varying methods at your disposal. 

  • Too many Push Notifications?

Push Notifications serve as a great marketing tool, however, too much of it and it can become obtrusive and irritating.Now user can limit the number of push notifications through their mobile settings, but most are unaware of and few who know about this are too lazy to do it. Identify the key events that call for push notifications and utilize this feature within a certain limit only.


If your app was a failure, it is vital you study and understand the reasons why it was a failure. This will help you prevent such a disaster from happening again. You can leave this headache to the professionals. Get in touch with Potenza Global Solutions, a mobile application development company based out of India. We have a team of mobile app developers and mobile app development specialists who will study and understand the reasons for the uninstallations and offer multiple solutions.



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